Damper Durability and Performance


Our damper testing facility serves automotive, motorsport, military, and industrial applications with capabilities to test the performance and durability of a wide range of dampers ranging from those found in seat suspensions to heavy military vehicles.  Our damper testing services provide an independent approval of the quality and reliability of your product or for product development purposes. We can provide sine, ramp, sine-on-sine, and random road profiles based on our customers’ requirements. High (up to 600°F) and low (as low as -155°F) operating temperatures can be simulated via an environmental chamber installed on the damper test system.

Capabilities: Durability & Performance

Max Displacement: 10 inches

Max Force: 25,000 lbf

Max Velocity: 200 in/s

Adjustable height crosshead

T-slot table for fixtures and assemblies

Environmental chamber compatible