Selected Research and Development Projects


Marine Seat Suspension 

High-speed boats commonly encounter rough sea states, subjecting the crew to high impact forces. The objective of this project was to create a spring-damper system that can absorb sudden impacts and protect a seated occupant without the added cost and complexity of electronics and a control system. 


Lunar Spring-Damper System

This  system was developed to operate in extreme temperature, low-atmosphere, and high-sediment conditions. The final product is a one-of-a-kind liquid spring-damper design that delivers fail-safe, variable damping, while also eliminating the need for a coil spring. 


Forward Closure System

The goal of this project was to design, fabricate, and test a sub-scale prototype Forward Closure System. This forward closure system structure is reusable and scalable for underwater payload membrane structures.  US Patent 8,950,308 B1 was granted for this system.


Payload Lateral Support System

The objective of this project was to develop a lateral support system (LSS) that is remotely operable, maintains underwater launcher alignment, protects the launcher and payload from shock and vibration inputs while it is stowed within a missile tube environment. 


Non-Carcinogenic Depleted Uranium Replacement

The objective of this effort was to demonstrate the feasibility of fabricating an innovative fully-dense tungsten carbide (WC) metal matrix composite for use as a high-density, non-carcinogenic material for small arms armor piercing rounds. 


Vertical Support Group System

The objective for this project was to develop a magnetorheological elastomer (MRE) based adaptable, flexible, and rapidly reconfigurable shock absorber system to vertically support payloads within the same size and weight envelope on current and future underwater vehicles. An MRE-VSG system was developed to demonstrate component form, fit, and functionality with sub-scale prototype and system operability with various candidate payloads. US Patent 8,820,492 B1 was granted for this technology.