Shock, Vibration, and Accelerated Life 


If your products are subjected to harsh dynamic operating conditions, shock and vibration testing enables you to evaluate the reliability of your product or to determine design deficiencies by simulating the operating conditions. OEM suppliers for the automotive, aerospace, military and electronics industries, typically must perform shock and vibration compliance testing.  We can perform military, automotive, and ASTM standard profile testing of your products in addition to customized sine, random, classical shock, sine-on-random, random-on-random profiles, and modal analysis.  An environmental chamber can be installed on our shock and vibration testing system to simulate shock and vibration combined with thermal loads.

Max Displacement: 2 in peak-to-peak 

Max Payload Capacity: 700 lb

Max Force: 5,000 lbf sine

Max Frequency: 3,000 Hz

Max Sine Acceleration: 94g 

Configuration: Vertical or horizontal

Environmental chamber compatible