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Blast Sensing Solutions

Advanced Materials and Devices, Inc. (AMAD) brings its innovative wearable three-dimensional (3-D) blast sensors to the warfighter and the public.  Two lines of sensors with 3-D blast capturing capabilities have been developed: the OmniBlast Air and OmniBlast Water.

  The OmniBlast Air and OmniBlast Water provide crucial blast exposure data for in-air and underwater blasts.  The data enables the correlation of repeated blast exposure to injuries, as well as to structural damage.

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Why Choose OmniBlast?

AMAD’s sensors have a unique sensing approach to capture blast waves regardless of orientation.  The OmniBlast sensors will capture blast exposure data when the directionality of the blast source is unknown.

OmniBlast Water 

3-D Underwater Blast Sensor

OmniBlast Water  - “Wearable Universal Blast Sensor,” patent pending, 2021  

OmniBlast Air 

3-D In-Air Blast Sensor

OmniBlast Air - “Wearable Multi-Directional Blast Sensor,” patent pending, 2021 

About Blast Exposure 

420,000 cases of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) on Service Members were reported between 2000 and 2020.  It is estimated that a majority of TBIs are a result of blast exposure, with 70% of 43,852 participants screened for a TBI having a blast-related injury.   There is a need for a wearable blast sensor and medical database to correlate the blast exposure amplitude to the severity of the injury.

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