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Movie Set Explosion
OmniBlast Water 2022.png

OmniBlast Water  

The OmniBlast Water is the first ever wearable underwater blast sensor. It can accurately capture underwater blast events from all directions (directionally-independent) with high-fidelity in a small form factor.


AMAD’s unique sensor can capture underwater blasts with the same accuracy as laboratory-grade systems.  All while weighing less than 2 ounces and being less than 2 cubic inches, making it wearable and field-deployable.

Omni Water Graph NEW 9-8-2021.png


  • 2 oz. | Less than 2 cubic inches

  • Direction-independent 

  • 0.5 psi to 1,000 psi pressure range

  • High-fidelity 800 kHz sampling 

  • Rechargeable battery 

  • Dual pressure ranges for high resolution 

  • Records 10,000+ blast events

  • Indicates blast amplitude

  • Rugged | Waterproof to 300 feet

  • Modular mounting options

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