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Movie Set Explosion

OmniBlast™ Air 

The OmniBlast™ Air uses a unique combination of sensing elements for direction-independence to capture 5 channels of time-synchronized high-fidelity air blast data. The OmniBlast™ Air requires no data time synchronization of multiple sensors and no additional equipment. 

OmniBlast Air 2022.png

“Wearable Multi-Directional Blast Sensor,” patent pending, 2021.

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The OmniBlast™ Air was designed with the goal to provide unparalleled accuracy regardless of the angle of arrival of a blast wave.  The OmniBlast™ Air matches laboratory-grade sensors, but needs no external power, or expertise to use.  


  • 2 oz. | Less than 2 cubic inches

  • Directionally-independent

  • 5 time-synchronized pressure channels

  • High-fidelity 400kHz sampling  

  • 0.25 psi to 100 psi pressure ranges*

  • Rechargeable battery 

  • Records 5,000+ blast events

  • Indicates blast amplitude

  • Rugged | Waterproof

  • Modular mounting options

*A lower trigger threshold of 0.25 psi requires an upper pressure limit of 50 psi.  

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