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Senator Jackie Rosen Visits Advanced Materials and Devices to Explore Blast Sensor Technologies

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

We were honored to welcome Nevada Senator Jackie Rosen to Advanced Materials and Devices, Inc. (AMAD) as she took the time to learn more about our innovative blast sensor technologies.

During her visit, Senator Rosen had the opportunity to explore our 3-D OmniBlast™ sensors, designed to capture blast exposure data in both air and underwater environments from all directions. These sensors play a crucial role in understanding the impact of blast exposure on Service Members.

Blake Muzinich presenting to Senator Jackie Rosen with  Barkan Kavlicoglu, and Kyle Willens
Senator Jackie Rosen Learning About Our Blast Testing Facilities

We also introduced Senator Rosen to our latest project, a low-cost, modular human surrogate integrated with our OmniBlast™ sensors, OmniBlast™ BOB. This innovative, low-cost, blast test acquisition system is set to revolutionize the evaluation of personal protective equipment (PPE), providing accurate and reliable blast pressure measurements to ensure the safety and effectiveness of PPE used by Service Members.

Senator Rosen's visit underscores the importance of collaboration and support between policymakers and technology developers. We look forward to continuing our work in this vital field, and we are thankful for the support and attention from Nevada leaders such as Senator Jackie Rosen who are dedicated to the well-being of our service Members.

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